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Michael Scott is a professional photographer, specializing in commercial and beauty photography. He began his love for photography as a child. Growing up with self-esteem issues and the love for art, Michael made it his goal to create a way to channel his artistic style with the ability to raise the confidence of others through his work.  He believes that every individual is unique and is passionate about enhancing a talent’s branding to take their career to new levels.

Michael’s love for people shows in his work as he makes every shoot about bringing out the best in someone. He loves being able to artistically display a talent’s personality and enhance their unique features. Over the last nine years, Michael has built his craft by mentoring with the top photographers in the state, working as a photo editor at the Deseret News, and graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. With the combination of his passions for photography, fashion, and branding, Michael has been published locally, nationally and worldwide. Recent publishings in Forbes Magazine, In Style Magazine, Professional Photography, DNA, & more!

When he doesn’t have his camera in his hand, Michael is an avid tennis player, baker, and one who loves to fill everyone’s lives with laughter, surprises, and treats!

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